About Us

Rainbow Baits is proud to be a Christian based and veteran owned company located in Fountain Inn, S.C. and we are proud to say "Made in the USA"!!

We have specialized in Custom Painting and Re-Paints for over 30 years.

Here at Rainbow Baits we believe in helping our customers gain that "Competitive Advantage".  We take pride in our custom painted and custom re-painted baits. We will produce a custom colored bait or paint your favorite color or pattern on a bait that is no longer available.  Rainbow Baits can match those colors or patterns. You may have a favorite pattern that you caught fish on years ago and would like it on a current lure… Rainbow Baits can help. Every angler has a box full of baits back at the house that they don't use or won't use because you don't like the color or pattern. Don't leave them at home… give them new life with a Rainbow Baits custom re-paint.

At Rainbow Baits we like having the individual customer contact. We back our products fully. If you fish for fun or if you fish for a living, we want to hear from you. Sharing our customer’s fish stories and hearing of their success will help everyone. Why? It’s how we xxxxxxxxx… we listen to the people who fish them. 

Customers are the root of our success and GREAT customer service is our #1 goal.