Rainbow Baits History

A History of Rainbow Baits

Custom Made in SC since 1979


The Beginning:

Rainbow baits started out of a love for fishing, and a need for more crank baits. In 1979, with no experience in painting, design, or woodworking, I decided to try and make my own baits. My first shop was a 4x20 utility room off the side of our garage. I began to experiment with different ways to carve, weight, and paint balsa-wood to make it look and run like a professionally made crank bait. It is from these humble beginnings and much trial and error, that eventually Rainbow Baits was born.


The Name:

In my shop I used a Wood Dowel Tree to display my baits for customers and friends. By this time I was painting 25 different patterns in a multitude of colors and it struck me how much the display looked like a rainbow of colors and the name “Rainbow Baits” was born.


I now have over 100 paint schemes using a variety of techniques to make today’s Rainbow Baits some of the most realistic and unique “custom made” baits in the industry. This is not what you will find in a local tackle shop. We now ship baits all over the country and have our baits being used in the BASS Elite series, FLW.  I hope you will enjoy fishing these baits as much as I enjoy making them. 

Thank you,

Donnie Maddox

Rainbow Baits



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