Witness Bait

My Witness Bait

The Sunday school lesson was about being a good witness. As the week went by and I was thinking about the lesson I realized that I was a terrible witness. I was in my shop working on some balsa baits, thinking there should be a way, a tool, something I could use, to tell people about Jesus.
I had a bait in my hand, and it's like the Lord said, you have it in your hand use it.
So now we have a witness bait. I tried to use colors that would look like a bait, but also tell the story of Christ.

First you notice there is no hooks on the bait, this bait is made to catch men not fish. Mathew 4:19 tells us to be fishers of men.
Each color helps to tell about Christ.
The color brown, represents Calvary, and the cross where Christ was crucified.
The color white is for the purity of Christ.
The color red is for the blood that Christ shed for us
The blue is for daylight, it was daytime when Christ was crucified
The black, as Christ hung on the cross the daylight turned to dark.

Now these baits are free, just like salvation is free, all you have to do is ask Jesus to come into your heart.

If you would like to have one of these baits, let me know.
But there is something I want you to do with it…
Give it to someone else and tell them about the saving grace of Jesus Christ